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Home Security Tips & Advice for Your Holidays

Holiday crime is something that you probably don’t think about but occurs at alarming rates. In fact, in the U.S., about 1.5 million home burglaries occur each year, with most break-ins occurring in the summer months. 

That’s when Americans are most likely to go on vacation or outside to enjoy the warm weather. 

The second most popular season for break-ins occurs during the cold winter months. This is the time that people often take trips to visit family and friends. What’s more, this is also the time of the year when people usually have valuable presents in their homes. 

Without a doubt, break-ins can be expensive, stressful, and traumatic, leaving the victim feeling violated and without any sense of safety. Fortunately, preventing break-ins is relatively easy. It just requires extra thought and preparation. 

That’s why in today’s article, Onsite Property Management Services shares with you 6 home security tips and advice for your holidays.

But first…

Burglary Statistics

  • White men are most likely to break into your home, according to the FBI.  
  • The average cost of a burglary is $2,799.
  • Your bedroom is most likely to be the target of a burglary, according to the American Society of Criminology. 
  • According to the FBI, burglaries happen every 23 seconds. 
  • Burglaries are more likely to occur in rural states. 
  • The majority of the burglaries happen during the summer months. 
  • Burglaries are most likely to happen during the daytime. 

Being aware of when they happen is important so you can reduce your risk. 

With that in mind, now let’s look at what you can do to prevent these break-ins, especially when you are away on holiday. 

Tip #1: Consider installing a home security system.

Home Security Tips & Advice for Your Holidays

Home security systems can help protect your home and family from intruder threats. And thanks to technological advancements and increased competition, these systems have become much readily available and arguably more effective today than they have ever been. 

Aside from home security, newer systems can also help protect your home from fire outbreaks and carbon monoxide. 

Expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $100 per month for a home security system.

Tip #2: Trim tall trees and overgrown bushes.

Unkempt trees and bushes can help provide useful cover for an intruder attempting to break into your property when you are away on holiday. The dark, shadowy hiding spots that tall trees or high brush provide will enable intruders ample conditions to conduct their business with minimal or no interruption. 

Therefore, keep your trees and bushes trimmed, especially around entryways where burglars may perch prior to breaking and entering your property.

Tip #3: Illuminate your home.

Home Security Tips for Your Holidays

You can also help make it difficult for burglaries to break into your home by improving the lighting around it. A good way of doing this is by installing motion-detector spotlights. These have inbuilt sensors that automatically turn on when movement is detected. 

You may also consider installing timer switches on lights the on main living areas. This will help create the illusion of activity inside your home. 

Tip #4: Secure your windows.

Most burglars don’t want to go to crazy lengths to get into your home. As a matter of fact, 23 percent of burglars use a first-floor open window to break into a home. Sadly, many windows are simply left unlatched or don’t have strong enough locks to keep a determined burglar out. 

So, how do you secure your windows? Well, here a few things you could try to do. 

  • Use good-quality window locks.
  • Reinforce your window glass.
  • Install window security cameras. 
  • Use window bars and grilles.
  • Keep your windows locked.

Tip #5: Use durable doors and deadbolts.

Home Security and Best Lock

This is perhaps the most obvious one. Unsurprisingly, most burglars enter a home through the front door, according to a survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance.

Therefore, take the time to check your home’s front door as well as other external doors. One of the things to do to secure your home is by investing in a good-quality deadbolt. They are hard to break down without the right tools and experience.

On the other hand, all a burglar needs to break into a door with handle locks is only a plastic credit card.

But remember, though, no matter which lock you choose, it will only be as strong as the door in which it’s installed. As such, make sure you have a good-quality door to begin with.

Tip #6: Don’t tempt fate.

Although holidays are a festive season, try taking a reserved approach when it comes to displaying costly gifts and decorations. Resist the temptation to show them off to the entire neighborhood. 

So, after emptying the gift boxes, make sure to break them down and place them in large garbage bags to conceal the deliveries from Santa.

With all the shopping, decorations, parties, and fun coming up with the holiday season, it is vital to keep your home safe from any potential burglaries. Use these 6 tips to help keep you safe!

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