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The security of your business is the utmost importance to your company. At Mike Locksmith, we realize this and can help personalize the security of your store, commercial building or industrial establishment. We will work directly with you as your commercial locksmith in Westminster to customize your door locks and create an impenetrable system to give you peace of mind while you are away.

All of our commercial locksmith technicians are trained and certified who do know what they’re doing. You can expect high quality and fast service to secure your business without worrying.

Our commercial locksmith services

Commercial Locksmith lockouts

Office Lockout Emergencies

It happens – everyone gets locked out of their office at some point, but there are often important personal and professional situations where you just can’t wait to get in to the office! Our team of experienced professionals at Mike Locksmith can get you back into your office and on with your day in no time with their state-of-the-art equipment, skills, knowledge, and dedication to helping our customers. If you’re ever locked out of the office, give the professionals at Mike Locksmith a call. We will get you back in to where you need to be without jeopardizing the safety and security of your business.

The professionals at Mike Locksmith specialize in the installation of high security locks for residences and businesses. High security locks are the best way to ensure the safety and security of your residence or business. They are resistant to lock-picking and are made of the strongest materials. The best thing about high security locks is the fact that they can’t be duplicated or copied. Because they are more difficult to install and get through, it is important to trust a professional to get the job done right! We can get it done quickly, efficiently, and correctly so that you’ll have no worries about your home or business’s safety.

high security locks commercial locksmith service
Safe Installation Commercial Locksmith

Many people use safes to keep their prized possessions, memories, cash, and other valuables safe from being stolen, damaged, or lost. Installing a safe on your own can be quite the hassle – good safes can be heavy, awkward to move or position, and can easily be damaged on the surface if not properly installed. It’s also important to know the best place in your home or business to install a safe, and how to keep the safe the most secure. That’s why the hard-working, skilled team at Mike Locksmith is here to assist you in making your safe installation as easy as possible.

The skilled professionals at Mike Locksmith are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients’ homes and businesses. Different businesses often have specific security needs, including different kinds of interior and exterior office door locks. Depending on the location and type of door, there are lots of different door locks for business owners to choose from. Our team has the equipment, experience, knowledge, and skills to quickly and efficiently install a variety of interior and exterior office door locks for any type of business. Whether you want a simple knob lock or a more advanced locking mechanism, we here at Mike Locksmith have the ability and dedication to secure your business and belongings, and the know-how to help you choose the best locks for you.

Commercial Lock Re-Keying

Re-keying means giving a door lock a new key combination so that only a new key can be used to open it. People usually want to get their homes or businesses re-keyed when a key is lost or stolen or if it has been in someone else’s possession and could have possibly been copied. It takes skilled professionals to effectively re-key a commercial lock, and the dedicated team here at Mike Locksmith is equipped and capable to do just that. Our team will re-key any commercial lock so that you can rest assured that no one has access to your offices or business without your knowledge.

The best and most efficient way to keep your office secure is a total office security system. Most office security systems include sensors in doors and windows, motion detectors, cameras, alarms and sirens, audio input/output devices like microphones, and a home panel that controls the entire system. There are security systems ranging from simple to highly advanced, and the experts at Mike Locksmith are dedicated to ensuring that any office security system is installed properly and stays working in top shape to secure your business. Our experts can advise you in choosing the best office security system for your business and educate you on how to use the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule an appointment in advance?

Of course. We’re happy to book in advance for your convenience. Plus, we can travel to you or you can come to our location, however you prefer.

Is the work guaranteed?

Every job we do comes with an iron-clad guarantee, better than any in the industry. Just let us know if you are not satisfied with our work and we’ll do what’s needed to make things right. Workmanship is guaranteed for a full 6 months on every job. Hardware guarantees are tied to the manufacturer of the equipment but typically run for a full yer.

How long does it take to install a new lock?

It usually only takes us about 20 minutes to do an install for most office or residential locks. Some high-tech, larger locks take a little longer. Our team has experience with all brands, makes, and models of locks.

I need to change all the locks in my office building. Can you do it?

We can. Our professional team members can change locks, re-key them, deal with master key systems, and handle any locking system on commercial office buildings.

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