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Being safe at home is a basic foundation of comfort. It’s impossible to be comfortable in your own home without the assurance that whether you’re there or not, no intruder will have access to your personal space. When you need to step up your security or if you’re locked out of the house, look no further than Mike Locksmith Company. Our professional residential locksmith team can install new locks on any door or window in your home and make sure you have copies so that you can develop a plan to avoid another lockout.

From Master Key systems to keyless entry systems, Mike Locksmith Company has a solution for your home security concerns. We can implement extra security measures to make unauthorized entry much harder. Call us today to get you out of a jamb.

Our Residential Locksmith Services

lockouts Residential Locksmith


Lockouts occur at the most inconvenient times, causing more frustration, worry, and headache than you already experience simply being unable to get inside your home on-demand. Mike Locksmith in Westminster responds to residential lockouts 24-hours per day. We rush to your home quickly, offering a damage-free, fast lockout service. Lockouts are frustrating and embarrassing but occur more frequently than you may realize. If you’ve locked the keys inside the house, lost the keys, or otherwise find yourself unable to get in, call us for help.

Lost Key & Lock Replacement

Lost keys cause worry. What if someone finds the key and uses it to gain entry inside your home? Call Mike Locksmith Company to ease your mind. Our lock replacement service ensures the lost key is no longer a concern. We carry a variety of locks suitable for almost every type of residential door. Quick, efficient installation ensures you sleep worry-free tonight. We lose keys. It’s life. With the help of a trusted residential locksmith, it’s not a big deal. Our affordable lock replacement service puts your mind at ease and prevents entry into your home.

key duplication Residential Locksmith

Key Cutting & Key Duplication

Need a duplicate key? A key duplication service provides an extra set of keys to the home. This secures your comfort and reduces risks of lockouts. We can duplicate any house key, for any door or item in your home. We can rush to your home to duplicate and cut a key. We use advanced tools and machinery when cutting keys, ensuring a quality key for your home.

Safes serve one purpose and that is protecting our most valuable items. Guns, jewelry, and money are among the items that people store inside safes. However, modern-day safes feature digital codes that replace keys. Digital codes are easier to use, but just like a key, they can experience a plethora of issues that case malfunction. Residential Locksmith Team is ready to help you any time with the safe malfunctions. We’ll rush to your home 24/7 to unlock the safe or make a repair. We service all models and brands of safes.

safe installation Commercial Locksmith

Locks Installation & Repair

Mike Locksmith offers a full range of lock installation and repair services for our friends in the Westminster area. Any existing lock in your home is easily repaired after it has been damaged, giving you back the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Unhappy with the current locks on the doors, windows, gates, or other areas? We’ll reupdate the locks to better meet your standards. Our residential locksmith experts can discuss the lock options available and help you choose a product that is satisfactory to your needs and budgets. We offer an assortment of lock and security products for residential needs. We believe that our customers deserve quality lock repair and installation and we’re around to ensure they get it.


Rekeying is an alternative to lock replacement. Lost your keys? Rekeying works wonders. Many homeowners rekey locks when a stray key is floating around or when someone possesses the key who shouldn’t. There’s really no way to know how many people have keys to your home. Rekeying stops the worry and wonder. The service works by adjusting the existing lock’s inside tumblers. Old keys no longer open the lock after rekeying.
For a small fee, Mike Locksmith rekeys the door locks, instantly giving you the comfort that helps you sleep better at night. Knowing only authorized friends and family can access entry into your home is the peace of mind every Westminster family deserves.

Master Keying

Would it make life easy if you needed only one key to unlock all of the doors in your house? Many people fumble around with keys on the keyring, putting themselves in danger, not to mention cause themselves frustration. Call us for master keying at your home and replace all of those keys with one key that does it all.
We supply master keys for any type of housing structure, even where there are numerous types of locks. Master keying is oftentimes completed in connection with rekeying, but is not required. You can even connect the master key to window locks, garden sheds, gates, and more.

Master Lock Installation

Add protection and convenience to your home with a master key system. A master key system requires only one key to open all of the locks in the home, including doors, windows, and patios. Only a pre-programmed key opens the locks assigned to the master lock.
Installing a master key system with the help of our technicians ensures you enjoy top-notch security, convenience, and unique style. We keep installation costs low, further adding to the benefits that installing a master lock system offers at your home.

Window & Patio Door Locks

Security should always be front and center of a homeowner’s mind. An estimated 5.8 burglaries per 1,000 residents take place in the Denver area. Protect every angle of your home reduces the risk that you’ll become the next victim. Window and patio door locks provide the extra protection homeowners need. Approximately 34% of all burglaries occur after a criminal enters the home through a first-floor window.
A sliding glass window is easier for a burglar to gain entrance through. They can use a crowbar to lift the latch out of pace, shatter the glass, and gain entry via other methods. We can add a layer of protection to both your windows and patios, giving you the advantage over criminals and home invasions/burglaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mike Locksmith provide 24-hour locksmith services?

Of course. Year-round, we offer 24-hour service for emergencies and non-emergencies. And we always respond quickly.

How long does it take to install a new lock?

It usually only takes us about 20 minutes to do an install for most office or residential locks. Some high-tech, larger locks take a little longer. Our team has experience with all brands, makes, and models of locks.

What door locks are the most secure for my home?

That depends how much security you want and the kinds of doors you have. For example, the most secure doors are usually electronic locks, are keyless, and include deadbolts.

Can I use the same key for all of my locks?

Yes, that’s what Master Key systems are all about. You use a single key to get into multiple locks. Anyone without the “master” key will have to use a unique key on each of the locks. For residential purposes, you can simply re-key the locks and create a master key system.

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