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I Lost My Mailbox Key: How Can I Open It?

It can happen to anyone. You’re fumbling for your keys only to realize they’re not where you thought they were. Having a lost mailbox key is similar to misplacing car keys in that both are equally annoying. It can delay you from having access to important documents until you can replace them. If this happens […]

Do you have a problem with the house lockout in Thornton? We are here to help!

Have you ever been locked out of your house? It’s a scary feeling, especially when the hour is late and there seems to be no one around to ask for help. It’s a fact: being stranded outside your own house lockout with no way to get in, short of breaking a window (which you don’t […]

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith in Thornton CO

Residents of Thornton CO who need emergency, mobile, and 24 hour locksmith services count on us every day of the year. Mike Locksmith takes pride in pointing out that we’re the number one emergency locksmith in the Colorado region of the U.S., have been on the job for more than a decade, and offer the […]

Security Box For Home: Pros and Cons

What is the easiest and most accessible way for a person to securely store their highly valuable items? For most people, the first place they would think of is the bank’s safety deposit box. But what if the owner of the items needs to assess them quickly, and avoid the hassles of visiting the bank? […]

Fence and Gate Security Features to Enhance Your Safety

More than at any time in the past, people are extremely conscious today about the security of their homes. Every passing day seems to yield an additional security threat that individuals have to defend themselves against. People often feel overwhelmed by the number of dangers they are exposed to and the surplus of security measures […]

Best Smart Locks for Airbnb and Rental Properties

A tenant, just like everyone else, wants to live in a safe home. And, as a landlord, according to the landlord-tenant laws, warns bighornrentals.com, it’s your responsibility to ensure your rental property meets your state’s safety, health, and building codes. Among other things, providing safe premises may mean doing things such as ensuring that all […]

Home Security Tips & Advice for Your Holidays

Holiday crime is something that you probably don’t think about but occurs at alarming rates. In fact, in the U.S., about 1.5 million home burglaries occur each year, with most break-ins occurring in the summer months.  That’s when Americans are most likely to go on vacation or outside to enjoy the warm weather.  The second […]

Residential Locksmith Services from Mobile Locksmith in Westminster

Homeowners who have to deal with an occasional lockout situation need a local mobile locksmith in Westminster who can respond on a moment’s notice. Plus, they need a full-service professional mobile locksmith in Westminster who can help them do more than just gain access to their residence. At Mike Locksmith service, we get calls every […]

Types of locks or which one to choose?

What type of Lock to use The right type of lock for your home depends on what you need to lock. A lock for your window or your door depends on what types of locks you want to secure your home or business. Finding a high-quality lock for your home requires to know how different […]

Mortise lock VS Cylinder lock

Keeping your home or business safe against intruders is a top priority for most people. The idea that a stranger can just come into your home when they feel like it scares most people into trying to find the best lock. There are different types of locks with benefits and detriments that can keep your […]

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