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Mike Locksmith’s automotive locksmith services can get you back in your vehicle any time of the day or night when you’re locked out. We can replace and duplicate your lost, stolen or damaged car keys anytime, even during non-emergency situations.

Do you have high-tech key fobs or a transponder? Our expert team members are all certified locksmiths and know how to replace, reprogram or repair all brands and models of fobs and transponders. And when you are faced with a broken or jammed key in a door, trunk or ignition, we quickly extract the key, repair the lock or ignition on the spot and give you fresh keys.

Our car locksmith experts are adept at re-keying all makes and models of ignition systems, whether the problem involves a jammed key, a malfunctioning switch or anything else. And if you happen to own a high-end luxury vehicle that came with special security features, locking systems and alarms, the Mike Locksmith technicians can service any make or model and any year of specialty vehicles like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, McLaren, Jaguar, Lamborghini and others. We respond around the clock every day of the year for your convenience.

Here’s a more detailed listing of what we do for our customers day in and day out:

Our car locksmith services

Lockouts happen all the time and they come in many varieties. Some motorists simply lose their keys or lock them inside the car. The problem is worse if your vehicle is running or there are kids or pets still inside while you’re locked out. It’s hard to explain to a dog, cat or baby that all they need to do is open the door to let you in.

Other lockouts involve lost or stolen keys, keys that have broken off in the door, or locking units that have, for whatever reason, ceased to function properly. Additionally, key fobs and transponders that have been improperly programmed can leave you in a lockout situation. The point is that no matter what the cause, you can’t get into your car. Calling Mike Locksmith will resolve the problem quickly. We’ll get you in fast and even make duplicate keys on the spot for your convenience.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to “break in” to your own car when you can call us. If you damage your lock or vehicle in any way, most insurance companies will deny the claim because they’ll say you “purposely” harmed your own vehicle. If you call a licensed professional like Mike Locksmith, we can get you into your vehicle without damaging it.

Key replacement is a pretty straightforward service, and our team does it with precision and the high level of expertise you expect. Whether you need one, two, three or 100 keys, we can take care of the job on the spot during an emergency, at your home, in your business office, or anywhere else you want us to be. Because we’re fully mobile and serve the entire region, simply call us, tell us where you are located and how many keys you need replaced. It’s as easy as that. Whether you have a high-tech key fob, a transponder or any other kind of key, we’ll do the job quickly and correctly, the first time.

People order duplicate car keys for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes you want an extra set or two for teen drivers, a parent, a friend to whom you regularly lend your car, or for an entire office staff that shares a company vehicle. We do key duplication on a regular basis and are happy to make one or one-thousand keys on a moment’s notice. Our technicians at Mike Locksmith use the latest precision equipment to create perfect duplicate keys for all makes and models of cars.

Key fobs often malfunction and stop working for a variety of reasons. Our team is fully trained in replacing and/or reprogramming key fobs for all makes, models and model years. Many of the newer fobs include high-tech security codes that some locksmiths don’t service. Our team services all fobs, even the newest, “smart” brands that are designed to offer the highest level of security for vehicle owners.

The Mike Locksmith team also programs transponder keys, allowing you to avoid a trip to the dealer and excess charges for the service. Transponders let vehicle owners enter their cars without having to use a key at all. Then, when the physical key is inserted into the ignition, the transponder “verifies” the authenticity of the key and won’t start the vehicle unless the original key is inserted. They’re quite high-tech security devices and work well to prevent vehicle theft. The problem is that they sometimes malfunction and leave motorists stranded. Call Mike Locksmith and one of our technicians will arrive promptly to reprogram your transponder and get you on your way.

Car Key Extraction

Keys getting stuck and even breaking off in ignitions and locks is a more common problem than most people think. And, it doesn’t just happen in cold-weather climates. Whenever a key is slightly bent, damaged or has excessive dirt or rust on it, it’s likely to become jammed in a door lock, ignition or trunk lock. When that happens, you feel at such a loss because you’re not even able to use your “emergency,” or spare key to deal with the problem.

Our car locksmith team will fix your jammed ignition, door lock or trunk lock and get you back on the road without delay. Call us day or night, no matter where you are, and we’ll have one of our experts headed your way within minutes. Not only will our rapid response team extract the key from wherever it’s stuck, we’ll fix the locking mechanism and create as many duplicate keys as you need, right on the spot. Don’t let a snapped-off, jammed or bent key ruin your day. Contact Mike Locksmith and rest easy.

Re-Key Ignition

Ignition units are finicky little things and seem to break down at the absolute worst times, like during trips, at odd hours and in inclement weather. Mike Locksmith offers a full range of services for all your re-keying needs. Sometimes aging ignition systems just break down and stop working. On other occasions, they freeze up in harsh winter conditions, keys break off or simply become stuck in the unit.

Our technicians can re-key any type of ignition while you wait, even during emergencies that happen in the dead of night far from home. Give us a call and our team arrives quickly, equipped with all the tools to do the job wherever you are located. After we re-key the ignition unit, we’ll present you with a fresh set of new keys so you can get on with your life without delay.

Luxury Automotive Assistance

Do you own a luxury car that came with high-end security systems, advanced locking mechanisms, special fobs and elite brands of transponders? Our team at Mike Locksmith can handle the situation with ease when you need emergency help, even if you drive a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or other top-notch vehicle or classic, collectible car. We’ve truly seen it all in our years in the business and are ready to help you as soon as you call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I locked myself out of my car. What should I do?

Call us as soon as possible. We’ll arrive promptly and get you back into your vehicle and on your way. We always advise people to find a safe area to wait for us until we arrive.

Which models of vehicles can you make keys and fobs for?

We work with remotes, fobs, and keys for all vehicle models. Call us for a quote because there are some price differences based on make, model, and age of the vehicle. We always beat dealer prices and can travel to your location in under an hour. That way, you don’t have to tow your car to the dealership, pay more, and wait hours and hours for assistance.

What if I can’t verify that the car/house/office is mine or I should be in there?

We’ll not be able to help you unless you have ID or authorization from the owner of the office/home/vehicle. This is a standard locksmith industry practice controlled by state laws.

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