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The Best Window Locks To Secure Your Home

The Best Window Locks To Secure Your Home

Window locks are a requirement for proper home security. They can provide you with peace of mind as well as a protected home. There are multiple types that you can install, and while not all of them are suitable for all types of windows, it is often recommended you install more than one for a dual level of protection.


What types of Locks are Available?

types of Locks

Choosing the right lock will keep your home secure from burglars and keep your children safe from accidents. The right lock for your home can be any of the following types of locks.

Keyed Locks

A keyed lock is a lock to add to other types of locks. Sliding windows, double-hung windows, and very large single windows are good windows to add a keyed lock. The keyed locks for windows securely to the frame of your window on the side. The keyed lock provides you with a single key to secure the window closed.

Child Safety Latches

A child safety lock provides added security for homes with young children. The lock allows the window to only open to a small degree. Double sets of locks latch to sliding windows and double-hung windows. The latches install three to five inches apart.

The double latch helps air get into your rooms without opening too wide. The latch protects the child from falling out the window, but it also prevents people from entering a window left open. Child safety latches do more than protect young children; it protects your home.

Window Latches

The regular window latches are on most windows, both double and single hung windows. They are very basic window latches that require additional latches for complete security and reinforcement. The latches get installed on the top of a window sash. A double-hung window can open when you unlock the window.

Lag Screws

Lag screws are a cost-effective way to secure your windows. Lag screws add holes in the window. The holes make adding lag pegs to the holes. The pegs are secured with a washer, which holds the windows closed.

Lag screws are not a long-term security measure. The pegs can become loose or fall off with regular use.

Swivel Action Locks

A swivel action lock is a self-locking lock. The lock has a snib, which slides into place to prevent a window from opening after it is closed. There is no key to lose or latch to remember. The latch slides open and shut with the turn of your wrist.

Sliding Window Locks

A window that slides open and shut in a track. The tracks have a locking mechanism, which slides in and out of the window into the frame of the window. The windows come with the lathes and are not easy to open from the outside when they are locked.

Some of the most up-to-date versions of the sliding windows do come with their keys to secure the latch. The windows are very basic, but they are also cost-effective to install with new windows.

Window Pin Lock

Window pin locks are a two-piece lock for your window. The two pieces join together to prevent the window from opening. They are connected with a chain that allows the pin to slide in and out of the frame without losing the pin.

Hinged Wedge Locks

If you like to leave your window open for air, the hinged wedge window lock allows you to control how much your window opens. The latches are very similar to the child safety latches as they only allow the window to open to a certain amount.

The locks slide open when it is pulled away from the window. The window lock pushes towards the window allowing complete air circulation and safety for your home.

Folding Latches

A folding latch folds down over a closed window. A folding latch works well with a window awning window or a casement window. The window is easy to open if the folding latch is lifted. Some windows come with the folding latch pre-installed.

Handle Lock

A handle lock is a more traditional lock. The lock is a horizontal latch that helps to lock your window. Setting the latch vertical opens the window. Plus, the handle that locks the window opens it as well.

Smart Locks

The latest addition to the window security system is a variety of smart devices. Electronic locks provide you with peace of mind because technology allows you to watch your window and the lock from your phone or internal device. Everything is secured with a code that your family can use to unlock a window.

The locks for the windows have sensors, which will alert you when the window is tampered with. The windows will let you know if the window is open or closed wherever you are. They allow you to monitor your home locks wherever you happen to be.

What window lock do you need?

Selecting the right lock for your window depends on the type of window you have and the level of security you want for each window. There are different grades of locks that you can install. Quality locks will have certification from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, which proves their ability to protect your home.

Lock Grades

There are different grades of locks for different levels of security. You can install more than one for dual layers of protection for your home.

  • Grade 3

A grade three lock is a very basic. It is not made to be the primary lock and works best with a grade two or grade three lock. Also it is a cost-effective way to secure your home until you can add another lock.

  • Grade 2

A grade two lock is a quality lock that will hold your windows closed. It is not the best lock to have, but it does help protect your home.

  • Grade 1

A grade one lock is the best lock you can buy for your home. The lock is very difficult to break and is the most expensive way to secure your home.

The best way to determine what lock you need from your home is to talk with a professional. They will be able to recommend the right lock for the right type of window.

How to install a window lock

Properly installing locks in your home is a requirement for proper home security. The lock protects your home, and you should know everything about the lock you are putting into your home. The locks you buy should come with their instructions to install them correctly.

If you are unsure of how to install your locks, you should talk with a professional to help get your locks correctly installed. You also want to prevent damaging your home while you install your new locks, so speaking with a locksmithing company can help you get a start.

Common Lock Installation Mistakes and Problems

Getting your locks installed correctly is the most important thing in protecting your home. You can install your lock or hire someone to do it for you. There are common things you should avoid if you want to install a new lock. Sometimes, this means fixing the entire window or working slowly to ensure the job is done correctly.

Window is Uneven

As windows age, the frame tends to warp. Reviewing how well your windows are already installed should be your first step to installing locks. If the window is already damaged or does not fit correctly, you will not be able to install your locks correctly. Fixing your window before you install a new lock should be the first thing you do.

The trim around the window does not fit tight

Along with fixing your windows, you should double-check the trim around your window. Having loose trim can create an entrance for a burglar. Replacing your windows can be a thing to consider when your windows are loose or unsecured. You can replace trim around the windows, which makes securing your window easier.

You will also lower your energy bills along with securing your home if you fix the rubber trim around your window.

The latch is not installed correctly

Installing the lock correctly is the main thing that you need to do. Each lock has its own set of instructions on how it is installed on your window. Reading the instructions will ensure your home is secure. A trained professional will ensure they are done correctly, but you can do it yourself if you slow down and read the instructions.

The window is damaged while installing the locks

Damaging the window frame is always a possibility when you install a new lock. The frame of the lock or the window of itself is easy to damage if you are not careful when you install the lock. The lock can crack old wood around the window, break glass, or split the walls themselves.

There is water damage around the window

Water damage around the windows is a pretty significant home problem. Not only is your home seeing the damage, but the water damage around a window can defeat your attempts to secure it. Water will eat into the frame and weaken the down, making it easy to break a lock or even open it.

Final Thoughts

Proper care and maintenance of your home is the first step to proper home security. From there, you can review lock grades and plan for your home installation. The recommended locks are usually dual locks.

Having a dual lock means two layers of security and protection for your home. Understanding the grade of the lock, you are installing and how it needs to be installed will greatly add to your home security. Window locks are required for safety, but they also help to keep the elements out and children safe.

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