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Types of locks or which one to choose?

What type of Lock to use

The right type of lock for your home depends on what you need to lock. A lock for your window or your door depends on what types of locks you want to secure your home or business. Finding a high-quality lock for your home requires to know how different locks work and figuring out what works with each door or window you need to secure.

Different types of Door Locks

  • Cylinder Door lock

A cylinder door lock permits you to open a door with a single key. The key must fit the lock exactly to open the lock as each tooth of the key matches with several different spring-loaded pins that result in the door opening.

There are two different types of locks that can secure your home or business that are cylinder locks. They are the single cylinder and the double cylinder door lock.

  • Single Cylinder door lock

A single-cylinder lock uses only one key for entering. The single-cylinder lock is a common lock installed in apartments as the main door lock. It can lock on the inside with a single twist and be unlocked from outside with a single key. The locking mechanism uses one key to operate the lock with the ability to lock it by hand from the inside.

  • Double cylinder door lock

A double cylinder door lock requires a key to open both sides of the door. They are in public restrooms or other spaces where a door might need securing from both sides of a door. In this case, the main key that unlocks and locks the door does so inside and outside the door.

  • Latch or bolt lock

A latch or a bolt lock is the components of a cylinder lock. As a key turns in a lock, the latch either slides open or closed with the key. They lock in the following ways.

  • DeadBolt

Deadbolts are separate from the main locking mechanism in the doorknob. They are an additional level of security for any home or business. The deadbolt reduces the risk of a forced entry if one form of lock fails to keep your property secure. They are hard to open and can be a single or double cylinder locking design, which would require the use of a key to secure one or both sides of a door.

  • Barrel Bolt

A barrel bolt is a single sliding bolt that installs on the door frame and locks on the door. The two pieces of the bolt lock slide together to hold the lock and prevent the door from opening. The lock can secure with a key or by hand.

It is not uncommon to add one on the top of the bottom of the door to add an extra layer of security. You can find these locks in businesses and some homes to prevent forced entry.

  • Spring Bolt

A spring bolt contains a small internal clip that holds the lock in place. As you turn a key in the lock of a cylinder lock, the internal click compresses that locks or unlocks the bolt allowing for the lock to open or shut.

Closing door results in the spring releasing, allowing the bolt to move into place, holding the door closed. The locks will lock when the door closes and more often found in locked business offices or hotel rooms.

  • Chain Lock

A chain lock is a lock that attaches from the frame of a door into the door itself. The lock is a chain lock with a pin attached to a chain in a way similar to a bolt lock. They provide you with a way to look out of a door while keeping the door closed until you know who is on the other side.

  • Cam Lock

A cam lock is a sliding lock that locks tool boxes, lockers, filing cabinets, and anything that requires a small minor lock. They are small locks requiring a key to turn the simple latch and open the closed boxes, drawers, or other smaller boxes.

Different Types of Window Locks

Some types of window locks are the same as the door latches, such as the bolt locks, but others are unique to windows alone.

  • Window Latch

The window latch is the most common type of lock for a window. Window latches are similar to a bolt lock as they slide in and out of the window frame. They prevent the window, single or double hung from opening.

  • Key Locks

A key lock uses a key to secure a different type of bolt latch that slides into a lock with a key. Once the key turns, the window lock latches.

Other Types of Locks

  • Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks are on windows and doors. They prevent windows, refrigerator doors, anything a child might open and either fall out of or trap themselves in. They aren’t necessary for the security of the home, but the security of the youngest family members that could be hurt if doors or windows open too wide. They keep your child safe from multiple hazards.

  • Smart Locks
Types of locks or which one to choose?

A smart lock uses technology to secure the home locks. They can be for the door or the windows. They connect to controlling apps and security organizations that ensure your home stays secure from people that should not enter.

You can remotely program them from your phone or online platform. You can also monitor your home through them if you have to work late or your children come home alone.

Looking for a specialist who is able to install any type of lock? Mike Locksmith offers wide range of services including lock installation.

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