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Residential Locksmith Services from Mobile Locksmith in Westminster

Homeowners who have to deal with an occasional lockout situation need a local mobile locksmith in Westminster who can respond on a moment’s notice. Plus, they need a full-service professional mobile locksmith in Westminster who can help them do more than just gain access to their residence.

At Mike Locksmith service, we get calls every day from people who are locked out of their cars, businesses, and homes. They ask us to rekey, fix, replace, or install new locks. We also hear from folks who need to have broken keys removed from locks, mailboxes fixed, window locks installed or replaced, home safes opened and spare keys made.

Residential Locksmith Services from Mobile Locksmith in Westminster

And now that computerized “smart locks” are becoming more common, many homeowners need specialized, high-tech locksmith services to make prevent lockouts and make sure their homes and offices are as secure as possible. In the computer age, locksmith services are a necessity for anyone who’s serious about safety and crime prevention.

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At Mike Locksmith, our professional team is trained to handle every conceivable lock-related service, including “middle of the night” emergencies and special situations. Here’s a shortlist of some of the services we provide to our customers:

  • Emergency house lockout services: One of the most common requests for our lockout service is from people who have simply lost their keys. Sometimes they lock them in their cars, misplace them, break them off in the lock or drop them in the bushes. People have been losing their house keys since there have been house keys. Mike Locksmith will get you into your house quickly and easily.

  • Changing locks: No matter what kind of lock you have on your home’s doors, windows and sliding doors, we can change them, rekey them and give you a new set of duplicate keys for your convenience. Many homeowners contact us about changing locks after they’ve suffered a break-in. Law enforcement agencies recommend you change all your locks even if you simply suspect that someone has copied your keys.

  • New lock installation on doors: When door locks break or are just getting to the point that they’re hard to open or lock, we can install brand new locks on one, some or all your home’s doors.

  • Smart lock installation: It’s getting common for homeowners to upgrade the locks on their doors and windows with newer, so-called “smart” devices. You can purchase the smart locks you prefer and we’ll be happy to install them for you and show you how to operate them. Our professionals are well-versed in all the latest brands and styles of smart locks and computerized security systems for homes and offices.

  • Rekeying locks on doors: If you like the lock you have but want it rekeyed, we can do that too. People order whole-home rekeying for all sorts of reasons, but most commonly when they want to add an extra layer of security.

  • Damaged lock repair: When you break a key off in a lock or if the mechanism is damaged in some way, we can repair the lock and you won’t even need to get a new key unless you decide to rekey the repaired lock. Locks become damaged whenever something gets stuck in them, whether it’s a broken key, paint, nails or keys from other locks. Sometimes, internal components of an otherwise good lock can break due to age, temperature changes, overuse or break-ins. No matter what it is that damages your home’s locks, Mike Locksmith can repair it.

  • Broken key extraction: Sometimes bad things happen to good people. The “broken key fiasco” has happened to everyone at one time or another, and it always seems to occur late at night, on a weekend or holiday. Our mobile locksmith in Westminster will be there to remove the broken key, open the door, replace the damaged key and, if necessary, fix the locking mechanism itself.

    Keys tend to break more often during winter months when metal is stressed and temperatures are frigid. “Snap” is not the sound you want to hear when you try to turn the key. But, when your key does break off and leave you standing there without any way to get in, our lockout service will arrive promptly and deal with the situation so you can get inside and get on with your life.

  • Replace and/or repair sliding door locks: People love sliding doors for the sleek look and modern appearance. They’re great ways to allow plenty of natural light into a home. The downside: sliding doors are usually easy to break into. If you need your sliding doors’ locks completely replaced or just repaired, our technicians can do the job quickly and give you the peace of mind that comes with whole-house security.

  • Residential safe lockouts: Millions of people have safes in their homes so they can keep things like coins, insurance policies, wills, jewels and spare cash away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, many homeowners lose the keys to safes or forget the combinations. That’s why we offer complete mobile locksmith services for owners of safes. Whether your safe opens with a combination, a key or both, we can assist you when you suffer a lockout.

  • Change out mailboxes: The expert team at Mike Locksmith performs plenty of mailbox change-outs every year. Call us if you need mailbox locks fixed, replaced or installed. There’s no reason to let thieves have easy access to your mail.

At Mike Locksmith, your full-service, 24/7 residential, commercial and automotive locksmith in Westminster and Arvada, we pride ourselves on expert service and full reliability. Even though we specialize in emergency house lockout services, we do much more than that, as you can see from the list above.

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So, whether you need to get back into your home after a lockout, rekey, fix or replace a lock, give us a call. We’ll respond within 30 minutes or less any day of the week, any time of day and in all weather conditions. We also work on glass doors, metal doors, and windows of all kinds.

If you have questions about any of our services, call 720-572-1286 or check out all our services for more detailed information about our full line of residential, automotive and commercial locksmith services, as well as home security systems. We do it all, and we do it around the clock.

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