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Security Box For Home: Pros and Cons

Security Box For Home

What is the easiest and most accessible way for a person to securely store their highly valuable items? For most people, the first place they would think of is the bank’s safety deposit box. But what if the owner of the items needs to assess them quickly, and avoid the hassles of visiting the bank?

In that case, as McGuire Management & Sales suggests, they should consider buying a security box for their home. A security box is a small safe or strongbox that anyone can keep at home for storing essential items. They are typically rectangular or cube-shaped and a lot smaller than the typical industrial safe found in offices.

Security boxes come in many colors and usually do not need bolts in place. As a result, they don’t have holes for bolting them to a floor or wall. Because they are smaller and mobile, they give the owner more options to hide the safe. It is possible to conceal them in places where a thief would not find them, such as the basement or bottom of a closet.

The usual things stored in security boxes are cash, jewelry, essential documents, or guns. These boxes come in many varieties; most are watertight and fire-resistant. They also vary considerably in size and strength. A security box’s specific strengths and weaknesses will depend on the type of items the owner wants to store inside it.

Having a security box at home offers several advantages. Below are some of the pros and cons that buyers will want to know when deciding whether they should invest in one of these boxes.

Pros of having a security box at home

Pros of having a security box

Protection against fire

Even if a person has access to the safety deposit box, it is impossible to store all valuables at the bank. There are valuable possessions that must stay close to their owner because of frequent use. Keeping such items at home exposes them to the same fire risk as everything else in the house. Though the items can be insured, their value cannot be quantified or repaid by an insurance payout. And this is true for things like family photos and heirlooms, or even a stamp collection.

Protection against theft

By being smaller and more comfortable to conceal, a security box offers a higher degree of protection against theft than a regular safe. Whereas the more elaborate safe makes itself a target, the thief does not know of the security box’s existence. And what thieves don’t see, they cannot steal. The box’s size makes it versatile and gives the owners an infinite number of locations where they can hide it. Furthermore, buying, transporting, and installing a bigger safe takes time, but a security box can be bought and put to use in a few hours.

Keep children away from firearms

Every year in the United States, hundreds of children die or are injured when they accidentally discharge their parents’ firearms. A security box is an effective way to keep firearms out of children’s reach. Firstly, store the box in a location where children have no access to it. Secondly, if they gained access to the box, they would have no way of accessing its contents.

Keep children away from firearms

Security boxes are an affordable and flexible solution

Security boxes are affordable and easy to transport. Being easy to transport and easy to conceal means a security box is not at the risk of being stolen. Unlike a large safe visible to everyone’s eyes, a security box can remain hidden while being transported.

Cons of having a security box at home

Easy to cart away

The number one disadvantage of a security box is that if a thief discovers it, it is small enough for the thief to take it with them. Rather than try to break the safe open in the premises, the thief may find it convenient to take the safe with them and break it open at their leisure.

Not completely fireproof or waterproof

Most small safes are only water or fire-resistant rather than being completely impervious to water and fire. This means that under certain depths of water, the content of the box can become soaked. It also means that at certain temperatures, the valuables inside the box will burn.

Susceptible to drilling

Any safe that is easy to tip or move is also prone to be drilled. That’s because such usually don’t come with drill resistant housing. Drill resistant would make the boxes heavier and more difficult to move. The boxes’ mobility comes at the price of reduced strength. This makes a security box only suitable for storing low-value items or as temporary storage for high-value items when transported to a safer location.

If you forgot the code and can’t open your security box, just call Mike Locksmith.

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