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Fence and Gate Security Features to Enhance Your Safety

More than at any time in the past, people are extremely conscious today about the security of their homes. Every passing day seems to yield an additional security threat that individuals have to defend themselves against. People often feel overwhelmed by the number of dangers they are exposed to and the surplus of security measures they are expected to follow.

When homeowners think of making their homes more secure, the first thing they think about is some new complicated technology. This is because these devices are constantly promoted as the most effective ways to protect their homes. Very rarely do homeowners hear a security company say anything about such simple time-tested solutions as a strong fence, secure gate, and gate lock.

Features of a good fence

But having a proper fence around the property and a gate that can resist break-in attempts is the starting point for securing any home. Every other measure taken to secure the property must be built around these two. By simply focusing on building a fence and gate that is robust in terms of its features, homeowners have severely limited the security risks that a home is exposed to, explains bluemountainmgmt.com.

What are the things property owners have to think about when choosing their property’s fence and gates? What are the essential features of a secure fence and gate? 

Features of a good fence

The primary purpose of the gate is to keep intruders out and help the owner retain control of access to the property. To do these effectively, the fence must have these qualities.

  • Must be the right height

The usual recommended height for fences is around six to seven feet high, but this height is not sufficient to provide adequate security for a home. The desirable height for the fence should be, at least, eight feet.

  • Must not provide hiding places
Fence and Gate Security Features

People inside the premises must be able to see through the fence to the other side. This ensures that no person can hide on the other side of the fence without being seen. Fences that can’t be seen-through offer a perfect hiding place for burglars.

  • Must be hard to climb over

A fence with several horizontal bars makes it easy for burglars to climb over. A chain-link fence with a large weave also provides perfect handholds and footholds. In addition to not having these features, the fence should be pointed at the top, have anti-climb spikes or razor wire on top.

  • Must not be easy to bypass

This can be either by digging up the fence, cutting through it, or bypassing it through some other means. To forestall this, all posts must be firmly secured to the ground using concrete. Secondly, any type of fence that is easily cut-through, such as a chain-link fence, should be avoided.

  • Must be able to resist meddling

The fence hardware is critical. If the bolts and screws on the fence are easily unfastened, the fence is not secure. The best way to prevent this is to weld the fence. Another way to prevent meddling is to install an electric fence. An electric shock is a strong deterrent to criminals.

Features of a secure gate and gate lock

House security

The fence is only as strong as its weakest point, the gate. Without a solid gate, all the work put into making the fence secure would be wasted. A gate must not only be sturdy but the gate lock must be completely reliable and within the control of the homeowner. Furthermore, the range of functions offered by the gate lock can be extended if a gate smart lock is incorporated. What are the must-have features of a good gate?

  • Including a self-closing mechanism in the gate will ensure that it is never left open accidentally. This will also keep the gate from opening haphazardly and protect it from damage.
  • The gate lock should be foolproof. An intruder must not be able to reach through the fence and open the gate lock. The gate lock must not only be hard to pick, but it should also be easy to operate. And the gate lock which offers these features to the maximum is a gate smart lock.
Gate smart lock

Gate smart locks are one of the hardest, if not impossible, locks to pick. In addition to offering the full complement of protection afforded by traditional locks, gate smart locks support three methods of entry. The gate lock can be unlocked using a physical key, a four-digit PIN, or a Smartphone app.

They offer far more versatility than traditional gate locks and are sturdier. Gate smart locks also have the added advantage of incorporating a surveillance system that alerts the homeowner or occupants when anyone approaches the gate.  Using a gate smart lock along with a solid gate and well-built fence will lay a proper foundation for the home’s security.

Finally, to complete the home’s security system and give it the capability to handle all situations, an integrated security plan should be created. This means that, along with the fence, gate, and gate smart lock, the home should have proper outdoor lighting and, possibly, a CCTV system

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